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                                                        Spanish Classes for Kids
                                                               Ages 2 and Up


Children 2  and up are
Invited to participate in  our creative, fun and exciting Spanish classes

Hola Amigos is an amazing adventure in Spanish. We offer fun classes using  games, crafts, cooking, dancing, stories and songs in an interactive environment. We explore various themes such as “At School” or “In My Neighborhood” designed to build a large vocabulary base, while constantly exposing your child to essential elements of conversational Spanish. 

Give your child the advantage of learning Spanish at an age when it is easiest for them. Most importantly, encourage your preschooler’s love of learning, and their natural curiosity while giving them an enduring love of language in a fun-filled environment! 


Why a second language when so young?


The brain is able to learn a new language most efficiently in early childhood. Experts agree that the earlier a child is exposed to and begins to learn a new language the better. In infancy, even short periods of interpersonal exposure to a new language can make a big impact on brain development. 

Those that have studied another language score higher on standardized tests in math and reading, have increased creativity, mental flexibility, and better listening skills. Researchers have discovered that children who learn a world language outside of their native tongue have a multitude of cognitive benefits. On standardized tests in reading, language arts and mathematics, they outscored those who had not studied a foreign language.

Enroll Any Time of the Year

Our themes continually change and do not repeat during the year, allowing students to join at any time without missing a beat!




We are part of your community.  Call us today to find out more.

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