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                          Fabulous Health, Fun Nutrition and Exciting Physical Exercise Activities
                                                               Ages 3 and Up

provides children with early age foundationally appropriate motor skills instruction to build a foundation for successful participation in later childhood physical activities and sports.

 · improve fitness

· build fundamental motor skills

· aid developmental growth

· increase awareness of the body in space

· reinforce a good self-concept

· develop team skills

· in still a love for movement

· Be Healthy! 



Foundational Movement

is an important part of a child’s educational experience. Hops, skips, and jumps are not simply child’s play. Preschoolers acquire and practice new motor skills at this stage of rapid development.  Healthy Hearts helps your child learn motor skills that they’ll use for a lifetime. 

Good Habits

Children learn how to be healthy, develop good habits,  and be excited about eating good foods.

Good nutrition is important for young bodies. 

Healthy Hearts includes role modeling for your child to enjoy and eat a health diet.


Join The Fun

Classes include activities presented in a fun, game like atmosphere. Songs and movement build rhythm and coordination. Dancing, singing and games to  stimulate your child's interest and imagination.


We are part of your community.  Call us today to find out more.

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