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                                     Heros -- Character Development That is Exciting for Kids
                                                               Ages 3 and Up

A Series of inspiring and educational lessons and activities around heroic men and women, and their accomplishments in world history.

Examples of the Heroes and Character Traits we teach are: 

Christopher Columbus
Courage, Humility, Persistence, Faith, Leadership, Optimism

George Washington
Integrity, Commitment, Love, Peacemaking, Faith, Humility, Courage

Thomas Edison
Persistence, Industry, Inventiveness, Leadership, Hope, Faith, Patience, Enthusiasm, Work, Optimism

Benjamin Franklin
Curiosity, Duty, Frugality, Patience, Industry, Discipline, Humility

Peacemaking, Love, Sharing, Kindness, Loyalty, Unselfishness

Harriet Tubman
Indomitable Spirit, Faith, Courage, Trust, Love, Sacrifice, Loyalty, Hope, Compassion, Confidence

Alexander Graham Bell
Kindness, Dedication, Idealism, Concentration, Endurance

The Wright Brothers
Persistence, Work, Inventiveness, Faith, Ambition

Helen Keller
Generosity, Patience, Love, Kindness, Discipline, Dedication, Perseverance

And Many More, a new one for each week and Special Upon Request Heros  .... 

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